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The Chinese Embassy and the Consulate General of China in Gothenburg legalize/authenticate documents which are executed in Sweden and will be used in China.

1. General Procedures (two steps):

(1) Step one: Have the documents legalized by Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. The Contact information of the Judicial Office, Ministry for Foreign Affairs is:

Phone: +46 8 405 51 00

Email: ud-legaliseringar@gov.se 

Address: Malmtorgsgatan 3 A, Stockholm

Website: http://www.government.se/government-of-sweden/ministry-for-foreign-affairs/document-legalisation-by-the-judicial-office/

Kind Reminder:

Documents containing more than one page must be properly bound together, i.e. sticker-sealed by Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Notary Public or the authorized translator. Otherwise,the Consulate General will refuse to legalize the documents that haven't been bound together properly.

About translation of the documents. If you need Chinese version of your documents, translators authorized by Kammarkollegiet can do Swedish-Chinese translation. For the list of translators, please visit: http://www.kammarkollegiet.se/en.

(2) Step two: Have your documents legalized by Chinese Embassy in Sweden or the Consulate General of China in Gothenburg. The Consulate General of China in Gothenburg accept only the following 7 provinces application, i.e. Västra Götland, Halland, Värmland, Jonkonping, Kronoberg, Skåne, and Blekinge.


 2. The Documents Required for Legalization

(1)"Application Form of Consular Legalization" that has been completely filled and signed.

The "signature of applicant" and "signature of agent" need to be original, photocopy or fax is not acceptable.

Birth certificates of minors should be applied by his/her legal guardians. The applicant is the minor, the guardian is his/her agent, and the legal guardian signed in the column of "signature of applicant". If the parents' information is included in the minor's birth certificate, the parents can be the applicant, and can entrust an agent to submit the application on his/her behalf.

(2)Original documents that have been legalized by the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and their copy.

(3)One copy of the applicant's passport (the page with the holder's photo and information).

(4)If the applicant has entrusted an agent to submit the application on his/her behalf, the original and copy of the agent's passport is also needed. In case the legalization is concerning to the major interests of the applicant, the consul will ask for the Power of Attorney of the applicant.

(5)For company or other organization applicants, please provide copy of the company's registration certificate and copy of its legal representative's passport. If the company or organization has entrusted an agent/employee to submit the application, the original and copy of the agent/employee's passport are also needed. In case the legalization is concerning to major interests or matters of the company or organization, the consul will ask for the Power of Attorney of the company.

The above mentioned documents are subject to change.


3. Opening Hours and Contact Information

Opening Hours:08:30-11:30 Working Days

Tel hours:  8:30-11:30,14:00-16:00



Address: Grönsakstorget 4, 411 17 Göteborg


Monday to Friday, except public holidays and Chinese holidays. For Chinese holiday leave, please pay attention to Notice from the Consulate General of China in Gothenburg. 


No need to book time in advance. You can just come with the documents required.


(5) Payment Standards


Type of Legalization

Fees (in Swedish Krona

Pick-up Time

Civil Affairs

200 each one

The 4th Working Day

Commercial Affairs

400 each one

Express Service

230 each one

The 2nd or 3rd  Working Day

Rush Service

330 each one

The same day

Between 11:00-11:30

No mail service.  Please come in person.

Pay by card only, no cash or money transfer.

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