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1,  Legalization

in the  embassy and consulatesof the last seal or signatureLegalization refers to the confirmation of authenticity of the last seal or signature on a document of another country by consular legalization organization. In accordance with Vienna Convention on Consular Relations and relevant regulations, The purpose of legalization is to enable notarial documents issued by one country to be accepted by the corresponding department of another country, in the light that the authenticity of the signature or the seal of the document could be questioned or the legal efficacy of such documents could well be affected. In doing so, the documents are taking effect beyond the home country's territory. Chinese Consulate General in Gothenburg accept applications for legalization from individual, corporate or other organizations within the consular districts.


Documents issued in Sweden to be used in China, such as the Affidavit of Support, Affidavit of Marital Status, Certificate of Employment, Health Certificate, Power of Attorney, Statement, Personal Identification Certificate, Trade Mark Registration, etc. should be authenticated by the Chinese Embassy in Sweden or the Chinese Consulate General in Gothenburg before they are used in China.


We do not notarize any documents directly for Swedes. We only authenticate documents which have already been notarized by Notarius Publicus and authenticated by the Foreign Ministry of Sweden .



a. Documents should first be notarized by a local Notarius Publicus. http://www.notariuspublicusgbg.se/

b. The notarized document should be authenticated by the Foreign Ministry of Sweden.http://www.government.se/legalisations

c. The Chinese Consulate General authenticates the relevant signature and seal from the Foreign Ministry of Sweden.

Please be noticed that documents should be in original shape when submitted. Document containing more than one page must be properly binded, ie sticker-sealed by the Notary Public or the Foreign Ministry of Sweden.


3,Documents Required

Applicants shall submit the following materials to the Consulate General:

1) Application Form for Authentication or Notarization.

2) Original documents already authenticated by the Foreign Ministry of Sweden.

3) One copy of the applicant's passport or ID card. In cases of commercial authentication, a copy of the company's license is also required.

4) If application is filed by others on your behalf, both trustor and trustee's passport and its copies are required.


4,Relavant Authentication/Legalization organizations

1)Notary Public in Gothenburg/Notarius Publicus i Göteborg

Address: Drottninggatan 38, 41107, Göteborg

Tel: 031-799 10 90 Fax: 031-799 10 99

Email: notarius.publicus@lindahl.se  

2)UD Legalisations of Ministry for Foreign affairs of Sweden

Address:SE-103 39 Stockholm 

Visiting address:Malmtorgsgatan 3 A, Stockholm

Tel: +46 8 405 51 00 


3)The Consular Section of the Consulate-General of the People's Republic of China in Gothenburg

 Address:Basargatan 4, 411 17 Göteborg

 Tel:031-84 24 45 Fax:031-84 23 49



5,Pick up and Fees

You can come and pick up your documents on the fourth working day from the date of submission.

Civil cases


Express for 2-3 working days


Business/Property cases


Express for the same day



6,No Mail-in Application Service


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