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Hong Kong Visa for Citizens of Sweden

I. Swedish citizens with a valid passport traveling to Hong Kong for the purposes of tourism, family visit, business visit, conference, etc., can stay in Hong Kong for up to 90 days without a visa. If they intend to stay longer, or travel for the purposes of study, training, employment, residence, etc., they must apply for a visa. The applicant can either apply to the Hong Kong Immigration Department directly, or through the Chinese Embassy or Consulates.


II. Citizens from other countries, please visit the website of the Hong Kong Immigration Department www.info.gov.hk/immd .


III. Instructions for Application through the Chinese Embassy/Consulates

Application Requirements: Please visit the website of the HK Immigration www.info.gov.hk/immd , where related guidance notes and forms can be downloaded.

Process Time varies. The Chinese Embassy or Consulate should issue the visa according to the reply from the HK Immigration.

Methods of Application: Applicants are required to appear in the visa office to apply. If an applicant cannot come personally, he/she may entrust a relative, friend, or travel/visa agent to come and submit the application on his/her behalf. The Chinese Embassy and Consulates do not accept visa applications by mail.

No appointment is necessary for visa applications.

Fees: The regular fee for HK visa is 250 kr per person.

Please pay in cash or bank check. The payment should be made payable to "the Chinese Consulate General in Gothenburg".

All information listed above is subject to change, without notice, at the discretion and interpretation of the Chinese Embassy and Consulates General.

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