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Brief introduction of the Chinese Visa Application Service Center (CVASC)

Services offered by CVASC:

--Website containing information related to Chinese visa applications

--Call center or email reply of frequently asked questions regarding Chinese visa applications

--Online filling in the visa application form

--Online booking for application submission

--Extended office hours for submitting applications and on site queuing system

--Application by post (please send postal application to the Chinese Visa Application Service Center in Stockholm)


Advantages of using CVASC:

--Completing application forms online

--Shorter waiting time

--Automated enquiry service or consultant available

--Modern and efficient facilities.


CVASC is operated by CVS CENTER AB, and strictly in line with relevant laws of Sweden. CVASC takes every precaution to ensure the safety of the personal information and documents of the applicants. 


While providing you with high quality services, CVASC kindly reminds you of the following:

(1) Holders of diplomatic, service (official) passport, or applicants qualified for applying for Chinese diplomatic, courtesy and service visa, or applicants applying for the Hong Kong visa/entry permit or the Macao visa still submit their applications directly to the Chinese Consulate General.

(2) CVASC has no involvement in the visa assessment and decision-making process. Whether a visa is to be issued or not to be issued, and what type of visa to be issued as well as its period of validity, number of entry and duration of stay shall be decided by the Chinese Consulate General in Gothenburg in the light of China's relevant laws and regulations.

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